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How to access Contele Desk?

Contele Desk is a customer service center for your company and developed to complement the workflow of Contele Field Team Manager.

To access you must enter the Contele Field Team Manager with your login and password.

In the system, position the mouse cursor on the side menu and click on the option Contele Desk.

Contele Field Team Manager Menu

This way, you will be directed to the Contele Desk environment.

Contele Desk Dashboard

How to exit Contele Desk?

When exiting the Contele Desk, you will be redirected to the Contele Field Team Manager environment.

To do this, just click on the icon at the bottom of the Main Menu.

A small window will open with your company and account information.

How to exit Contele Desk

Just click on the option “EXIT”.

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