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Our Integration API is ready to receive and send data from Contele to/from any system.

For this you will need a developer to perform this integration.

In addition to the technical documentation for the integration of the two systems, the developer needs to understand the business rules for this integration that the customer wants. For example, we want to register a new Site in Contele when "TAL Thing" happens on system "X" that the customer is using.

The Developer will also need to know the functioning of the two systems, as well as the user flow and also the integration documentation of each system.

Many systems use the same type of integration that Contele does, this can help. However, we recommend that you check the documentation with the supplier of the other system that will be integrated with Contele.

See a summary:

Developer Prerequisites:

Knowledge of Rest API integrations.
Knowledge of the API of the system to be integrated with Contele.
Knowledge of the Contele Field Team Manager system.
Knowledge of the system to be integrated.
Flow of use of both systems.
Business rules.

Investment (BRL) with Contele:

Single implantation fee: BRL 750.00 or 3x BRL 250.00
No monthly price.

Observation. We charge this fee for preparing the unique interaction environment, such as releasing access tokens and supporting the company during development.

Basic info

Integration allows sending information through a REST API and receiving information through webhooks.

Data released for integration are Locations (Places) and Visits (Tasks).

Through our REST API, it is possible to register, edit or delete Visits and Places.

Through webhooks, it is possible to receive data on Visits and Places created (scheduled) and updated.

See the documentation listed below to learn more about the fields available in each system feature.

API Introduction + Complete technical documentation:


For the integration via API of the Contele Field Team Manager with other systems, two keys (tokens) are required. In this help article, you have a step-by-step guide to finding the keys .

Both keys can be found on the specific page of the system for generating this data. Click here to access this page (note: user with administrator profile is required).

The keys are:

- x-api-key: this key you get from the "Click here to generate your integration key" button

- authorization this key you get from the "Click here to generate your Zapier key" button.

Note: Before entering token authorization, you must include the word "Bearer" (without the quotes), with the following format Bearer + [token]

Both x-api-key and authorization must be registered in the Header

Integration of Contele Field Team Manager with other systems

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