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Main functions of the Contele Field Team APP

The application has all the necessary functions for the user to work on a daily basis, such as:

Scheduling and Best Route;
Check-in and Check-out of Visits;
Customized forms;
Checklist of tasks on visits;
Photos in the Visits (Camera or Gallery);
Reimbursements by KM and Single;
Places close to me (Map);
Share Digital O.S on Whatsapp.

Downloading the Contele Field Team app

Warning: Please confirm that the data from the old app is synced before downloading the new version. Learn more.

To use the app, the first step is to have a smartphone Android (version 5.0 or higher) or iOS (version 9.0 or higher).

Now, just download the app from Play Store or Apple Store

User permissions

After logging in, you will need to authorize some permissions to use the app, such as:



Contele Field Team respects user privacy. Your data will be safe!

Important: The application was developed to work with a stable data connection, but it is possible to schedule and carry out Visits (filling in forms, photos, signature, etc.) even off-line.

User training

The User Training is essential for the training of those who use the Contele Field Team APP .

With this quick training (only 50 minutes), the User will learn all the APP functions, how to find the Best Route for the customer.

At the end, the User needs to answer the Mini Questionnaire to generate the Certificate of Completion. Only then will you have access to the chat service through the app.

The training certificate is essential for using the Contele Field Team app

If you are a Supervisor or Manager, you can download Contele Manager, which will help you monitor your team's productivity: Play Store and Apple Store.

More information
For more information about the service, such as Plans and Prices, visit the website Contele Field Team Manager

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