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They are objective video classes, with a total duration of just 50 minutes, and you will learn the basics and necessary to use the Contele Field Team application and be able to become a more productive professional.

Concluding the training, click here to take the Mini Quiz.

Tip: Find your question quickly in Training using the Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) command. If you're on your cell phone, search your smartphone screen for "Find on Page" or "Search"

Important: Use your APP Contele Field Team email to fill out the mini questionnaire. In case of typing error in the email or use of the personal email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Still using the old application (Contele Field Team Manager)? See this article How to migrate to the new Contele Field Team Manager APP

Introduction to the course

How to download the APP

Download the app now from Google Play (Android) or App Store (Iphone)

Notice: If you are using the old version of the APP, please make sure everything is synced before uninstalling. Learn more.

Home Screen

Screen your Account

Definition of Starting and Arrival Point

Learn more about Point of Departure and Point of Arrival

Map: Places Near You

Best Route to Reach the Visited Site

Learn more about Best Route

How to Fill in the Visit Fields

Register a Location While in it

Learn more about Registering Locations in Contele Equipment

Register a New Location not in it

Learn more about Registering Locations in Contele Equipment

How to add a Visit to the Calendar

How to Reschedule Visits

Learn more about Rescheduling of Pending and Lost Visits

Location Search and Filter Options to Schedule Visits

How to View your Route

What are Visit tags and How to Use them (targeting, flagging)

How to Change Location Category

Learn more about change location category

How to Fill in the Form Within the App

View Form History

How to Record and Add a Video to the Tour

Refund Without Departure and Arrival Points

How Mileage Reimbursement is Calculated

Learn more about Reembolso

How to Record Reimbursable Expenses

Learn more about Expenses Release

How to Record Non-Refundable Expenses

Learn more about Expenses Release

Refund Screen Filters

Final Considerations

Mini Questionnaire for Certificate of Approval

Contele team APP training approval certificate

Access the Mini Questionnaire for Training Certification in the Use of the Contele Equipment APP.

It has 10 multiple choice questions. Each multiple-choice question is worth 10 points, with a maximum total of 100 points.

The certificate will be issued if you achieve a score of 80 points or more.

If you have passed 80 points, the Certificate will be sent to the registered email within 10 minutes (Check-in SPAM if you can't find it).

Important: Use the email registered in the Contele Field Team Manager APP. In case of incorrect typing of the e-mail or use of personal e-mail, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Click here to access the Mini-Questionnaire and obtain your Certificate of Approval.

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