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Avoid data loss.

Before updating, check the app's Complete Visits screen to make sure all your visits and information have been synced. If any icon symbolizing synchronization appears, wait until this icon disappears from the screen.

To update the Contele Field Team Manager app just click on your device's app store: Google Play (Android) ) or App Store (iOS)

When clicking on the link, if instead of the UPDATING option OPEN appears, it is because your application is already up to date.

To confirm, you can open the app menu and check the latest version number in the lower right corner.

📌 If, after the update, the application crashes and the message “Contente has stopped” appears, click the report button and clear the application data. If you don't know how to do it, ask our support, who will immediately give you all the guidance.

📌 If something unexpected happens after the update, let us know immediately through the service channels.

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