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Control of the flow of registered tasks will occur on the Tickets page.

There are two ways to display tasks: Cards or List.

To choose the display form, just press the button corresponding to each of the visualization forms.

The display mode is defined by the icons on the right of the screen

Tip: We recommend the Card view, based on the Kanban model of workflow organization. In this model, the organization of the workflow is simplified, being easy to organize with the use of the mouse.

Task flow in Cards mode

When viewing the task on the cards, Calls are divided into four columns, according to their status:

Screening: point at which a call is initiated;
Pending: status reported after task assignment to a technician;
In progress: tasks being performed by the User, that is, when his User is at the client;
Resolved: final state, when the visit ends without any pending issues.

Changing the status

Changing the status of a call is simple.

Click on the task card, keep the mouse button pressed and drag over the column you want to move.

How to change the status of a ticket

Another way is to do this on the Ticket details page and choose the new rating in the Status box.

The system will automatically save the Ticket in the column corresponding to the new status.

Status change via ticket edit mode

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