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Can I add photos to the guest calendar?

In Contele Field Team Manager, adding Photos to the Visit is done through the application or through the gallery and comments on the photos.

Along with the Photo, there is information about the date and time when the image was generated in the system.

But, during Visit Schedule, is it possible to add photos to specify some tasks for the user?

Is it possible to add photos to the Calendar of Visits?

In the Schedule, in the Route block, there will be the Pending Visits with their fields blank:

Company responsible for the visit;
Visiting hours;
Hang tags;

To add a Photo to the Schedule, you can upload an image to your Google Drive, provide access to whoever has the link, and then provide this link in the Instruction field.

Thus, the User simply clicks on the Contele Field Team Manager APP link and the image will open.

You can also download all Photos that were included in a visit.

To do this, go to Reports in the side menu and go to the option Visits. Click on the three points on the right corner of the Tour you want to download and choose the option "Download Photos"

Attention: only Visits that have registered photos will have the option to download. To find out which Visits have photos, make sure there is an active camera icon.

See this article to learn more about Planning and Scheduling.

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Date of last article update: August 20, 2021
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