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Checkout Reminder function

The Check-out reminder does not allow the user to perform a Check-in on a new Visit , without having previously performed the Check-out of the previous visit.

That way, he won't forget to check out.

The app has a flow with a lot of flexibility for the User to define the time he left the customer and confirm the Check-out, in case he forgot.

Thus, User can perform the Check-in of their new Visit .

How to enable or disable this function:

Go to “Setting up your company”, and scroll down to “Refund settings”.

Enable or disable the option of "Allow new check-in with visit in progress (without check-out)" .

IMPORTANT : Accurate Check-out information is crucial for the system to calculate the duration of the visit and provide the departure time. Statistically, many users of the system end up forgetting to check out when leaving the place, so it is indicated that the function "Allow new check-in with the visit in progress (without check-out)" is always DISABLED.

Information in the Visit Report for the Manager

When you view this information on our system, it means that the app user forgot to check out at the last location, and the app reminded him through the “Checkout Reminder”, when he tried to check in at a new visit.

Important : Even with the function “Limit maximum Check-in distance” Enabled, the Check-out can be carried out AWAY from the location, through the Check-out function by the Reminder. Such a function is necessary so that the user is not "stuck", making it impossible to make new Visits.

In this way, it is possible to perform a Check-out away from the location, even when Check-in is blocked in the system:

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