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It is possible to enter Comments on Photos made in Visits, by User Application.

And the Manager, if desired, can view and edit the comments through the system.

This function was much requested by our customers, and as we are always collecting ideas from those who use it, we created this field that will make life even easier for those who work on the street.

Adding Comments to Photos

In the app User, during the Visit, go to the tab ‘’ Photos ’’ and click on the sign to take photos.

After taking the photo, click on the comments icon and add the comment you want, with up to 180 characters.

How to Edit Comments Through the System

To view the comments made on the photos by the app, access the part of ‘’ Reports ’’ in the system and then ‘’ Visits ’’.

Then click ‘’ Edit '' on the desired visit, and from the visited page, click the pen icon to edit the comment.

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Date of last article update: August 16, 2021
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