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What is Dashboard?

It is a visual dashboard that centralizes a set of business management information, indicators and metrics. Through the Dashboard, it is possible to have a focus on your business processes, being able to view data referring to specific projects.

It gathers quantitative data that are used to analyze the company's performance and processes, to plan and adopt process improvements, correct failures and think of new strategies.

What information is available on the Contele Desk Dashboard?

Contele Desk gathers data related to calls and calls made by its teams.

These indicators are grouped by time intervals, which range from 30 to 90 days.

Between them:
The total number of calls in the period;
The number of open tickets;
The number of closed (resolved) calls;
The number of calls made;
The number of delayed calls.

In addition, you can view the number of calls made by each attendant along with their Status (screening phase, pending, etc.)

Contact Desk Dashboard

Learn more about Contele Desk here

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