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Your customers have two ways to register a Ticket:

By email;
Through an exclusive page.

New Ticket by email

Your customer can place a Ticket directly through an exclusive Contele Desk email that you can customize.

The email sent by your customer must contain:

A title: that will be the subject of the Ticket.
Email body: which will be the Ticket description.

Contele Desk will automatically create a Ticket based on this information, indicating the sender's data in the Customer field.

This email may also appear on your website, social networks, WhatsApp settings, etc.
Open Ticket by Email can take up to five minutes to be created after the customer has submitted the request.

How to customize email?

In Contele Desk, go to Settings > Email.

In the Custom Email field, fill in the first half of the email you will use (after @ is the default), for example:

Pass this personalized email to your customer.

A Standard Email is now available, but for practical reasons we recommend that you create a custom email address.
If the domain already exists, you will be informed so that you can replace it.
After your customer registers the Ticket in this way, he will receive an email in 10 minutes confirming the opening of this task.

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