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What is an e-mail with its own domain?

The own domain in the e-mail, for example,, serves to show that the e-mail belongs to your company, giving more credibility to your client.

If you already have an e-mail with your own domain, you can use it in Contele Desk for sending notifications and opening calls.

How to set up your E-mail with own domain in Contele Desk:

To configure your E-mail with own domain, in the Contele Desk menu, go to Settings > E-mail.

On the screen, activate the Email with own domain option to open the email settings options.

First, enter the email prefix (the one before the @), for example,

Now, go to your DNS provider (HostGator, Amazon, GoDaddy, among others), where you will need to do a TXT and MX pointing, which is a simple configuration:

In the DNS Provider, go to the desired domain and find the place where you can Edit DNS Zone and create a New Entry (In Registrobr's case, it is under DNS > Edit Zone);
Click on New Entry, choose the TXT Type and enter the names and values indicated in Contele Desk's E-mail Configuration screen;
After that, create a New Entry, and choose the M MX Type, also with the names, values and priorities indicated in Contele Desk;
Finally, wait 10 minutes for your changes to propagate to the DNS provider, and click "Validate Settings" on the Contele Desk screen to verify that everything was done correctly.

Important: Use the step-by-step available in the Settings screen > Contele Desk e-mail, and follow this article only as support.

This step-by-step may vary depending on the DNS, and in some cases may need to be done by someone with technical or I.T. knowledge in the company.

To make it easier, we have listed how to do it in the main providers in the market:
GoDaddy How-To
HostGator How To
How to get Amazon Route 53
How to do it at Namecheap

Validation Status

The Validation Status indicates whether the E-mail with own domain configured is enabled for sending and receiving. 

For the address with own domain to be validated, the configuration process must be completed.

Enabled for sending: All notifications from Contele Desk calls will be sent with this e-mail address.
Enable for receiving: All e-mails received by this address will be opened as Contele Desk Calls.

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