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Contele Desk can be configured to best suit your company's needs. Adjustments can be made easily and with just a few clicks.

You will learn how to:

Edit Contele Desk preferences;
Edit the SLA;
And the email for use by Contele Desk.

Settings can be edited in Settings in the side menu.

Only Managers and Admins can edit the Settings (Learn more about Hierarchies).


In this environment, you can:

Edit the time a resolved Ticket will be archived

To do this, just click on the period pre-configured by the system.

An option will open so you can choose how many hours or days you want to set a deadline for Tickets to be archived.

Just enter the information and click the "Save" button.

Editing when a Ticket is filled out

You can also enable or disable the following options:

Enable opening of internal calls.
E-mail the customer with each answer from the attendant.
Email the customer when a call is resolved.
Send an email to the customer with the details of the scheduled visit.


In this section, you can set the time before a Ticket can be resolved. This deadline is based on the SLA concept.

SLA is a set of guidelines, procedures and metrics that your team must comply with to ensure the level of customer service satisfaction. The SLA establishes a defined standard, based on the average time between the registration of the call by the customer and its resolution.

To edit, just click on the corresponding priority card (high, medium and low).

An editable box will open.

Enter the values ​​according to the metrics adopted in your company and press the "Save" button.

Note: by defining these parameters, the maximum Ticket opening times will be resized to meet the deadlines determined.

The e-mail

In this environment, you can query the default email for using Contele Desk.

This email is automatically created and, through it, your customer can register a call.

For this, your customer simply sends an email to this address and Contele Desk will register the Call.

The Ticket generated by your customer will be included in the column "Triage". It is up to your company's operator to determine the technician responsible for the Call, determine the date of the Visit, and make the classification according to the progress of the task.

You can define a custom email to facilitate communication with your Contele Desk customers.

For that, just let me know what this email will be in the appropriate box.

Personalized email

TIP: You can use your company name to create your personalized email. This makes it easier for your customers to remember the address.

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