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This is the Contele Field Team Manager Training for the company's manager, administrator and supervisor.

They are fast and objective video lessons, and you will learn from basic to advanced how to use the Contele Field Team Manager system and you can become a more productive manager.

Tip: Find your question quickly in Training using the Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) command. If you're on your cell phone, search your smartphone screen for "Find on Page" or "Search"

Important: Use your Contele Field Team Manager email to complete the mini questionnaire. In case of typos in the email or use of personal email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Hours: 5 hours

Best practices for you to learn faster:

Access the system to view the classes' pages in your own account;
Save this page to favorites, using the shortcut CTRL + D;
Training can be started and completed on the same day, but if you take a break, note the last class you interrupted;
Use the links below the lessons to learn more about the functions;



Advanced Settings and Parameterizations

Integration of Contele Field Team Manager with other systems

Learn more about Integration here.

User Registration

Learn more about Users.
Learn more about Users here.

Location Records

Learn more about Locals.

Registration of Locations by Map

Learn more about Locations here.

Bulk Location Registration (Import)

Learn more about importing here.

Location Registration: How to Delete Import and Alert when performing the procedure

Learn more about here.

Registration of Locations: Registration, Configuration and Deletion of Wallets

Form: Registration

Learn more about Forms.

Form: Membership

Learn more about the Form here.

Tip: To have any form associated with your visits that appear on specific dates for your User, you must first schedule the visit, and associate this form with it.

Bonus: Form examples and their appearance in the app

Click on the links on the side and see our suggestions for you to get inspired and make your own forms simply and efficiently. Technical Visit Manual and Sales Visit Manual.

Form: Associate at the time of booking

Planning and Agenda: Scheduling by Map

Learn more about Planejamento.

Planning and Agenda: Basic Programming

Planning and Agenda: Overview

Learn more about Scheduling here.

Planning and Agenda: Planning the Visit

Planning and Agenda: Self Planning

Learn more about Autoplanejamento here.

Planning and Programming: Difference in route calculation and best route

Learn more about Best Route here.

Planning and scheduling: how do repeat visits work?

Planning and Agenda: How to reschedule visits?

Planning and Scheduling: Mass Scheduling for Multiple Dates

Planning and Schedule: Edit Schedule

Planning and Schedule: how to delete pending, ongoing and canceled visits

Hang tags

See more about Organizing Visits and Users with Labels.

Location Categories

Learn more here.

Team Map: Overview

See more about the Team Map.

Team map: Is it possible to check clients for prospecting?

Learn more about the Map here.

Team map: How do you check the route taken?

Team Map: What does each user's color mean?

Monitoring: Overview

Learn more about Monitoramento.

Refund: Overview

Learn more about the Reimbursement Report.

Best route to reach the visited site

Learn more here.

Refund Report: Analysis of exported report in Excel [Additional]

Learn more about the Reimbursement Report here.

Refund report: date calculation does not appear, even with visits

Refund Report: How to export from all users and collect subscriptions?

Refund Report: How to enter a visit that the user forgot to make?

Refund Report: Why do orange dolls show up on some visits?

Reimbursement Report: How to change the value of the retroactive km traveled?

Form Report: Overview

Learn more about the Forms Report

Visit report: Overview

Learn more about Visit report

Visit reports: What is the difference between missed visits and pending visits?

Visit reports: how to remove check-in or check-out

Visit reports: how to validate visits

Visit report: off-site check-in and check-out

Visit report: location edited, but visit history has not been changed

Settings: check-in and check-out boundaries

Learn more here.

Complementary: Analysis of Visits exported in Excel

Locations: Locations address record search updates

Unvisited Locations: Visit already scheduled for the Location and Mass Programming

Learn more about Unvisited Locations.

Site visit extract

Learn more about excerpts from local visits

Products: What is it and how it can be used

Learn more here.

Products: How to register a product

Products: How to use in visits

Products: custom fields

Products: View Product Details

Products: All types of transfers

Products: Product Exclusion

Products: What is the QR code for and how to export it?

Products: Reports and Help


Learn more about Productivity.

Solving Possible Problems Yourself

Register your idea

Nominate and win

Click here to participate in Indique e Earn


Contele Field Team Managerr Training Approval Certificate (Manager)

Access the Mini Quiz for Contele Field Team Manager Training Certification (Manager).

It has 10 multiple choice questions. Each multiple-choice question is worth 10 points, with a maximum total of 100 points.

The certificate will be issued if you reach a score of 80 points or more.

If you have passed 80 points, the Certificate will be sent to the registered email within 10 minutes (Check-in SPAM if you can't find it).

Important: Use the email registered in Contele Field Team Manager. In case of typos in the email or use of personal email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Click here to access the quiz and get your Certificate of Approval.

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