This is Contele Team Field Manager Training for the company's Manager, Administrator, and Supervisor.

They are fast and objective video lessons, and you will learn how to use the Contele Team Field Manager system from basic to advanced, and become a more productive manager.

Tip: Find your question quickly in Training using the command Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac). If you are on your cell phone, search on your smartphone screen for "Find on the Page" or "Search"

Important: Use your Contele Team Field Manager email to fill out the mini questionnaire. In cases of typos in the email or use of personal email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Work load: 5 hours

Best Practices for You to Learn Faster:

Log into the system to view the class pages in your own account.
Bookmark this page using the CTRL + D shortcut;
Training can be started and completed on the same day, but if you take a break, make a note of the last class you stopped;
Use the links below the lessons to learn more about the functions;



Advanced Settings and Parameterization

Contele Team Field Manager integration with other systems

User Registration

Know more about Users.

Place Registration

Know more about Places.

Registration of Places by Map

Know more about Places.

Mass Place Registration (Import)

Know more about Places.

Registration of Places: How to Delete Import and alert when performing procedure

Registration of Places: Registering, Configuring, and Deleting Portfolios.

Forms: Registration

Saiba mais sobre Formulários.

Forms: Association

Know more about Forms.

Bonus: Example Forms and how they look in the Contele For Teams

Form: Associate at the time of scheduling

Planning and Schedule: Scheduling by Map

Saiba mais sobre Planejamento.

Planning and Schedule: Scheduling basic

Planning and Schedule: Overview

Planning and Schedule: Visit Planning

Planning and Schedule: Auto Planning

Planning and Schedule: Difference between calculate route and best route

Planning and Schedule: How does the Repeat Visits work?

Planning and Schedule: How to reschedule visits?

Planning and Schedule: Mass scheduling for various dates

Planning and Schedule: Edit Schedule

Planning and Schedule: How to delete Pending, In Progress and Cancelled Visits


Veja mais sobre Organizar Visitas e Usuários com Etiquetas.

Place Categories

Saiba mais aqui.

Team Map: Overview

Veja mais sobre Mapa da Equipe.

Team Map: Is it possible to verify customers for prospecting?

Team Map: How do you check the route taken?

Team Map: What does each color of the Users mean?

Monitoring: Overview

Refundable: Overview

Best Route to Get to the Visit Place

Refunds Report: Analysis of the report exported in Excel [Supplementary].

Refunds Report: Date calculation does not appear, even with visits

Refunds Report: How do I export from all users and collect signature?

Refunds Report: How to enter a Visit that the User forgot to make?

Refunds Report: Why do orange dolls appear in some visits?

Refunds Report: How to change the retroactive distance traveled value?

Forms Report: Overview

Visit Report: Overview

Visit Report: What is the difference between lost and pending Visits?

Visit Report: How to remove Check-in or Check-out

Visit Report: How to validate the visits

Visit Report: Check-in and Check-out Away From Place

Visit Report: I edited a Place but the Visits History is not changed

Settings: Check-in and check-out delimitation

Complementary: Analysis of Visits exported in Excel

Places: Place Address Register Search Update

Places not visited: Visit already scheduled for the Place and Mass Scheduling

Place Visit Statement

Products: What it is and how it can be used

Products: How to Register Product

Products: How to Use in Visits

Products: Custom Fields

Products: View Product Details

Products: All Transfer Types

Products: Product Exclusion

Products: What is the QR code for and how to export it?

Products: Reports and Help


Solving Possible Problems Yourself

Register your idea

Refer and Win

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Contele Team Manager (Manager) Training Pass Certificate

Acess the Contele Team Field Manager Training Certification Mini Questionnaire here.

It has 10 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question is worth 10 points, with a maximum total of 100 points.

The certificate will be issued if you achieve a score equal to or higher than 80 points.

If you have more than 80 points, the certificate will be sent to the registered e-mail address within 10 minutes (check SPAM if you cannot find it).

Important: Use your Contele Team Field Manager email to fill out the mini questionnaire. In cases of typos in the email or use of personal email, it will be necessary to answer the mini questionnaire again.

Clique aqui para acessar o Mini Questionário e conseguir o seu Certificado de Aprovação.

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Update: 15 July, 2021
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