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Delete multiple Locations from the system (mass action).

Why would I delete multiple locations from the system? "I did a wrong import"

Create a category called "DELETE", so that it is only assigned to the locations you want to delete.

If you want to assign a Category to several Locations at the same time, we recommend that you perform this procedure in a spreadsheet and import it into the system. see this article teaching how to update Places using import.
Search for the places you want to delete in Settings > Places and assign the category created to the Places.
After assigning the category to all locations we will make the mass exclusion of these locations .
Click Filter by category and select the category you created for the locations to be deleted.

And then you will have all the places you want to delete with the category you added to them

After that click on the arrow next to Register place and select Delete Places

Finally, it is necessary to confirm the deletion as this operation cannot be undone.

The deletion of locations is not immediate, the deletion time is according to the number of locations that have been deleted.

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