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Learn how to Delete one location or several at once through the system.

Only the manager can perform this action by accessing the web system. Learn more about Hierarchies.

Go to Menu> Configuration> Locals, and click on the red button "Delete".

Note You can use screen search filters.

To delete multiple locations at once, you need to filter and keep the locations you want to delete in the list > click the arrow next to the Register Location button > Read the warning and confirm on screen that you really want to do this.

Deleting locations is not immediate, the deletion time is according to the number of locations that have been deleted.

Did a wrong import? You can revert by deleting the import along with all the places you imported. Learn more>

Detailed instructions

By going to Settings>Locations>Register Location, and clicking the down arrow, you will find an option "Delete Locations".

Use local search filters and advanced search to get the results you're looking for.

Attention: If you do not filter by any parameter, you can delete all places registered in the system.

You can search for locations using the parameters below:

By keyword;
By category;
Specifications of an address and / or customer;

But do not worry! We will ask for a security confirmation when deleting sites to prevent unintended deletions.

Deleting Places does not change the Visits made in the system, so your entire history remains intact.

But the warning remains: the deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

After these tips, we hope you continue to save more and more time with the Contele Field Team Manager!

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