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We found that the latest versions of Android 8.0, may block the use of the application in some scenarios.

Android Battery Optimization makes the Contele For Teams NOT send route visits to the system.

To avoid this, it is necessary to disable or ignore the battery optimization feature.

How to disable Battery Optimization

On your smartphone, go to Settings and then enter Applications;
Search for Contele for Teams and click on the APP;
In the app information, press on Battery;
On the Battery screen, press Optimize battery usage;
After that, change the view of app not optimized for All;
Look for Contele For Teams in the search and clear the checkbox next to the APP to disable battery optimization.

Tip: Configure Contele For Teams to allow its use in the background

Disabling on other smartphones

LG: Settings> Battery and energy saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > Enable for Contele For Teams.
Motorola: Settings > Battery > select the menu in the upper right corner > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > Contele For Teams> Do not optimize.
Sony: Settings > Battery > select the menu in the upper right corner > Battery optimization > Applications > Contele For Teams.

Settings > Additional settings > Battery & performance > Manage battery usage by applications > Applications > Contele For Teams.
Settings> Additional settings > Privacy > Location > check that you have enabled High accuracy for Location mode and that you have allowed access to the location.

|| |Some terms may vary depending on your smartphone and Android update.

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