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You can put some describe in the refund posting, associate to one visit or one place.

With the new Contele Team Field Manager app refund, your field team can categorize, comment, and report a refund to a place.

Linking Reimburse to a Place or Visit

During a visit, click on the ícon ($) in the right higher of the front
Fill all the fields of "Value", "Date" and "type of refund".
Add "Description"  wanter and click in the option "Link Place" and/or "Link Visit".

Enabling the Refund to Your Company

You can enable or not the "Single refund" feature to your company.

Just access Settings > Your Company > Single refund.

Go to "Refund" feature and check or uncheck the "Allow to register single refunds".

That way, the user can be able to choose the "Refund" in-app.

Enable the Feature to Users

You can enable or desable the feature to especific users.

To enable this feature, access "Settings", click on " User" and click on "Edit".

Go to the U$ refund block and enable the Register Separate Refunds button.

"Refundable" categories in the system:

These are some categories of reimbursement and the company must approve to pay the employee


"Not refundable" categories:

These are some categories that the company not will refund, but have to posting for control purposes. Usually they're realized by corporate card:

Fuel Card
Parking Card
Tolls Card
Food Card
Hosting Card
Fuel Card
Mail Card
Award Card
Event Card

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