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The function "Allow new check-in with visit in progress (without check-out") helps customers with the need to carry out multiple Check-ins in more than one visit, without checking out.

If your company works with reimbursement for distance traveled, it is not advisable to enable this function, as visits can be incomplete and hinder the calculation of the reimbursement.

Check-out information is important for the system to calculate the duration of the visit and provide the departure time. Statistically, many system users forget to check out when leaving the site, so it is indicated that the "Allow new Check-In with visit already underway (no check out)" function is always DISABLED.

IMPORTANT: If this function is disabled, the user can manually edit the Check Out time of the previous visit, through the application, so that he / she can Check In on a new visit.

Update 3/18/2019 - Change of days to checkout rule

We received a lot of feedback requesting an improvement to this rule where it should consider previous days and not just the current day.

What happened was that if the user forgot to check out the last visit of the previous day, the application would not lock the first check in of the following day, because the rule only checked the visits of the same day.

This way, customers using this function could eventually have visits without check-out.

Considering this scenario, we changed the rule for APP to always check visits from the last 7 days and not just the current day.

Note: If the company uses the distance delimitation for check-in, only the manager can validate a visit without check-out in the last 7 days.

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