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The “Best Route” feature chooses the order of places to takes the most efficient route.

The time of the route is the most important factor to be optimized but other factors as the amount deviations, hard routes and others can be considered by Google Maps to define the most efficient route.

A current example, a company that chooses to use the same feature that aways been used by Contele Team Field Manager is the Uber, where the app shows the value of the run and the arrival estimate to the passenger before calling the car.

That feature aggregates an important value to whos use the uber app, cause make the drive run in the most efficient route to not lose money and time. And the most important, the customer win a lot.

How to plan the best route in the practice?

Access “Schedule planning” in the menu, choose a user and select the “Places” to plan, “Start Point and Ending point” and type the “Best route” button.

If your account been with the “Staring and ending point” feature enabled, the system will choose the first and the last point of the list to be the starting and ending point.

When generating the Best Route, on the map you can validate if the Starting and Ending Point is the best option, and if you want to change, you can drag and drop the point to replace.

How to plan the Best Route through the app?

Tip: Use the Best Route feature by the Contele for Managers application:

You can also use the Contele for Managers to plan Visits with the Best Route.

In the app, after selecting Users and Locations, click on the Best Route option, which the app will adjust Visits by the fastest way.

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