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To find the Contele Team field Manager in tha Zapier system, generate a token and connect account:

Access the link or search for Contele Team Field Manager and click at “Start using Contele Team Field Manager Now!”
Scroll down a bit and click at the orange button “Accept Invite & Build a Zap”.
You’ll be redirect to the home screen from your Zapier account.
Click at the orange button “Make a Zap”
Search for Contele Team Field Manager. Update the screen with Ctrl + Shift + R. If it does not appear in the first search.
Generate the Token in Contele Team Field Manager. After select the Contele Team Field Manager app, you should put the token from our system to connect to your account. In this Zapier screen, you’ll find a link that will open a screen from Contele Team Field Manager to you generate and copy the token. If you like, click here to be redirected.

To find the token in the system, go to Settings > Your Company, and go to Integration Zapier.

Put the token from Contele Team Field Manager in the Zapier. Just copy and put the token that you already generate.Right! Now, is just create your Zapier using the Contele Team Field Manager!

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