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The is compatible with the browser web from Google Chrome.

We indicate usage of the most updated version to a best experience with the Contele Team Field Manager software.

We do not guarantee the usage of not certified browser, because could happen some troubles to system making this way a bad experience.

Receive updates from Google Chrome when available

Usually, when you open and close the browser from computer, the updates occurs in background. But if you don't close the browser for a while, you'll can see a pending update;

Open the "Google Chrome" on computer;
In right top, search for "More"
If you have a pending update, you'll find that colors;

Green: There's one update available for 2 days ago.
Orange: There's one update available for 4 days ago.
Red: There's one update available for 7 days ago.

To update the Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome on your computer
In right top, search for "More"
Click at ''Update Google Chrome''. If you can't see this icon, means that you have the most updated version.
Click at ''Restart''.

The browser saves your open tabs and windows and automatically reopens when restarted. But if you don't want to restart right away, just click "Not yet"

The update will be available in the next time that you restart your computer.

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