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You need to make a detailed evaluation of the user’s routine?

In this report you can see the timeline which every detail about the location, visit, and device. 

Our app communicates to the server each every 6 minutes to send data and the information. If the phone is offline, the information has saved and sent when able.

Search, filter and exporting

In the screen top, you will need to choose one user and date. The other filters are optional and can be enabled or changed after the search.

In case the exporting, you will need to change a period between 2 days to click on the button side the search button.

All the Events

Login and logout in-app
Fake location (fake GPS) enabled. See more
Battery power
Turn on and turn off the device
Use the app in more than one device
The device is set with the wrong hour
The Saving battery mode is enabled

A wrong hour from a device
The system checks if the hour is compatible with the time zone.

Attention: This could be an attempt to fraud to register a lately visit or any mistake in the register.

The device can be with the wrong hour by incompatibility between the operator, android system and the device.

To see the difference between tampering and a wrong, is important to evaluate the timeline of the current day and the other days to answer those questions below:

The device is always at the same time? If so, that’s can be wrong on the Android setting. Check this guide.

Sometimes your device is at the right time and sometimes not? In this case, this means that a time violation may have occurred.

Simultaneous smartphones logged in

We report the Mobile Id at each monitoring point. This allows you to know if the device has been changed and if the same user is connected at the same time to two devices.

Ps: If your device is a dual-chip, you will always have 2 id numbers on the phone, as for the example above.

Optimizing the Android battery

This feature will appear when the Android Battery Optimizes mode being affecting the app. To solve, will be necessary to change the Android setting to remove from the optimized apps list. We list the necessary procedure here in See More.

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