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To visit, you need a Place, a User, and a date.

Registering a new place

To register a new place you can do this in two ways: Already in the location or searching for the location in the Contele Team Manager.

Being on place: Using the app installed on your smartphone, you will go to the Locations section and press the doll icon with a plus sign. From there, it will give you its location. He may end up not giving you the right location number. If that happens, just fix it manually.

Not being: After pressing the doll icon, you will search for the address by clicking on the magnifying glass. After that, fill in the necessary information.

Importing place

If you already have a list of locations in an Excel spreadsheet, you can export it to Contele in a very simple way.

Click on the Settings tab and enter Places. Located in the upper left region of the screen, click on "Register Places" and then "Import Places".

Select your spreadsheet. After the files are transferred, you must fill in the Database field.

Important: The spreadsheet file must be in the .cvs UFT-8 format for you to be able to import.

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