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At the top of the page you will find all available filter options. To get started, you need to enter a date and click search.

The first block shows data related to visitors and their status. Some of the filters above such as attraction tolerance change the numbers and graphs below.
Click the info icon for more details about each info and the expand icon next to open a larger screen with more details.

Clicking at expand icon

All the forms aswereds and the most answered form

Visiting Information

Refund Information

Time in Visits and Time between Visits

Visiting time card in expanded mode

This example shows that the category "ZS 3" was the most visited in the period, with 86 visits and an average duration of 52 minutes.

Card in expanded mode

Finally, there's a ranking with the most visited statuses.Remember that you can click expand to see rating details.

Card in expanded mode

I made a video with Contele Team Field Manager, CEO Eng. Leonardo Gazolli, showing the features of the Productivity Dashboard:

Enable subtitles to watch the video.

The Productivity Dashboard does not have the function to export reports, but if you want to print one, you can take a print of the desired screen.

Learn how to take prints according to your system in the following articles:

Windows: Use the Capture Tool to take screenshots
Mac: Take a screenshot on your Mac

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