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Ensureing the best productivity, the Contele Team Field Manager count the kilometer based in the best route by Google Maps, and to register this, just that the person on the street to perform Check-in and Check-out in Visits.

To out workers, the GPS navigator make the integration in-app, showing that way, aways the best route.

It is also possible to register expenses with Refundable and make expenses entry through the App.

To access the reports, simply access the Reports category on the left side tab and then click on Refundable.

On the screen, you will find a consolidated view of your team's Reimbursement, segmented by KM and Loose. Within the individual, the segmentation of the types used.

The pre-existing periods for the Refundable Report are:

7 days;
30 days;
This Month;
Last Month.

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