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We have made a step-by-step guide so that you can learn how to use Contele Gestor de Equipes settings easily and alone!

You will watch short and objective video lessons where we simulate all the configuration steps available in the system.

You will learn to:

Create, edit, disable an Operational User;

Create, edit, disable an Supervisor User;

Create, edit, disable an Admin User;

Create, edit and delete a Place;

Create, edit and delete a Portfolio;

And understand your company settings

Watch this walkthrough before using the system! This way I guarantee you will be very easy to use!

1. User Configuration

First, go to Settings > Users.

In this screen, you have the search option as well as page preview features.

With the names listed, you will see a "stripe" that defines the user hierarchy in the system.

Note: Operational users do not have the screen "stripe".

User Hierarchy:

Administrator: The Administrator is the maximum level of team and system management.

Supervisor: Has fewer privileges than the Administrator and controls only his subordinates within the system.

Default: The default user is typically the application user, who does not usually have web access.

See more: What is the difference between Administrator, Supervisor and Default?

The functions of the users setup screen are divided into:

Create user

The main button on the screen is "Create User". This button enables the creation of all user types from those listed above.

By clicking the button, you can select the User hierarchy and enter your data, including your position.

In this user creation screen, the manager can edit several items such as:

Service Order (Enable or Not);
Refund Settings;

Selecting a Supervisor and Administrator User will enable the option "Receive daily report by email".

Edit and Disable Users

The other buttons on the screen are Edit, Disable, and Delete Users.

By clicking Edit, you can edit everything previously done in the User, including changing its hierarchy.

Disabled User is a feature to inactivate the user in Contele Team Field Manager, with the possibility of reactivation in the future (eg vacation, suspension, etc)

2. Places Configuration

To edit and create Places, go to Settings > Places.

On the page, you can filter results by Categories, and search by Place name or information that is part of it.

Create Place

The main button on the screen is "Create Place", where you can choose several items, such as:

Company name;
National Registry of Legal Entities;
And more.

In addition to these items, it is possible to place Observations on Place for strategic purposes in the Visit. This item, like the others, will be visible in the APP to the User.

Import, Export and Delete Place

On the arrow next to the "Create Place" button are Import, Export, and Delete Place.

To learn more about these functions, see the articles below:

Tutorial: Importing Places (Customers, Leads, Prospects, etc.)
How to delete multiple Places at once? (Bulk Exclusion)

Still on the screen, you can Edit, Delete and Schedule a Place Visit.

3. Portfolio Configuration

To create and edit Portfolio, go to Settings > Portfolio.

The page will be loaded with all registered Portfolio, plus the number of Places and Users linked to the Wallet.

Create Portfolio

On the screen, click "Create Portfolio" to create a new places portfolio.

After that, select the Locations to associate with the Wallet. On the gear button, you can Link Users to Wallet.

Tip: Use the Link Users option to relocate customers from one employee to another.

In the same Portfolio Settings screen, you can make other edits in the Portfolio, besides deleting the desired one.

4. Company Configuration

To edit Company Settings, go to Settings > Company.
In this screen you can edit business data such as:

Company name
Trading name
Registered Number
Language, Currency, Time Format and other system resources;
Refund Settings;
Application Settings;
Service Order (Logo and welcome text);
Zapier Integration (Key Generation);
System change history.

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