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We have identified that newer versions of Android 8.0 may block application usage in some situations.

One of that situations is when the app is not frequently open in device.Since the user is not actually using the device, Android understands that the use of the app is not relevant. This blocks all internal processes of the app, interfering with the sending of monitoring points to the system.  😧

The daily using of Contele Team Field Manager can solve this problem, but we indicate to follow the step foot below to don't get problems with monitoring of app.

Check if the Contele Team Field Manager is not in suspended app list;
Check if the Contele Team Field Manager is Not Being Battery Optimized;
Check if is correct in the Data Usage save setting.

1. How to See Suspended App:

You need to press the top menu and click the "Power saving" button:

Scroll down and make sure Contele Team Field Manager is in the "Unmonitored apps" list instead of "Application always suspended"

✅ To Ensure if the foot step was done correctly, make sure that Contele is at "UNMONITORED APPS"

2. To check if App being optimized by battery usage:

Go to device Settings and select the option: "Applications"

Search for Contele Field Manager and click it;
Click at "Battery";
Click at "Optimize Battery Usage";
In top, click to show all the applications;
Make sure Contele Team Manager is checked, and uncheck if necessary.

✅To ensure if the foot step was done correctly, check if the app is set as not optimized in battery front.

3. Allow unrestricted use

Open the Settings
Search for Contele Team Field Manager in Front app and click it.
Click at "Use of Datas" and check the option "No Restriction to Data Usage"

✅To ensure if the foot step was done correctly, check if the front seems like the front below.

We Make a video for you reviewed the foot step and takeout some doubt. 

Maybe, the Android version may have different names to features and setting, but don't worry, the way is the same.

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