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If you come across this symbol, rest assured! This means that the visit information is being synchronized with the system.

It's taking too long to get the symbol out, now what?

In 99.9% of cases this happens due to slow or intermittent internet. You can force the app to retry syncing by pressing the sync button in the upper right corner (two circle arrows icon).

You don't always have to press this button, as the app automatically syncs all data with the system.

None of this solved? Perform the procedure below:

Forced Backup Procedure of In-App Information

Open the Contele for Managers menu, press and hold for at least 4 seconds the version number at the bottom of the menu.The App will tell you how many visits are left to be synchronized.

IMPORTANT: If the sync icon is appearing, do not log out of the application or wipe the data, if you perform any of the actions, the information will be deleted, with no possibility of recovery.

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