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First, go to Settings > Users.

On this screen, you have the option to search, in addition to page preview features.

With the names listed, you will see a "stripe" that defines the user's hierarchy in the system.

Note: Operational users do not have the stripe on the screen.

User Hierarchy

Administrator: The Manager is the highest level of team and system management.

Supervisor: Is the second level with regard to team and system management. It has less privileges than the Administrator and controls only its subordinates within the system.

Default: The standard user is typically the user of the application, who does not usually have access to the Web.

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Create User

The main button on the screen is "Create user". This button allows the creation of all types of users, among those listed above.

By clicking on the button, you can select the User hierarchy and register your data, including your position.

In this user creation screen, the manager can edit several items such as:

Service order (Enable or not);
Refund Settings;

When selecting a Supervisor and Administrator User, the option to "Receive daily report by email" will be enabled.

Edit and Disable Users

The other button on the screen is Edit Users.

By clicking Edit, you can edit everything that was previously done in the User, including changing your hierarchy.

The Disabled User is a resource to inactivate the user in the Contele Field Team Manager, with the possibility of reactivation in the future (Eg: vacation, suspension, etc.). After the user is disabled, he leaves the user field and only appears if he filters for "disabled users".

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