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The Contele Team Field Manager features 3 types of users: Manager, Supervisor and the Standard.

Manager: The Manager is the highest level of team and system management. This will have full access to system information and reports, in addition to seeing the entire team on the Team Map. Only that user can edit Refundable, Forms, Monitoring, Work Order and app permissions settings, as well as change passwords, delete or add users.

Supervisor: Is the second level with regard to team and system management. It has less privileges than the Manager and controls only its subordinates within the system. You have access to reports and Team Map, but only from your subordinates. He can edit visit data such as Check-in, Check-Out, Observation and Visit Comments. The supervisor cannot delete or add users.

Standard: The standard user is typically the user of the application, who does not usually have access to the Web. The user also has access to the website through his e-mail and password, but he cannot change information and to create Places and launch your visits. You have no view of the Team Map.

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