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Our API integration is ready to receive and send datas of Contele Team Field Manager from/to any system.

For this you will need a developer to realize this integration.

In addition of integration technical documents of the both systems, the developer needs to understand what are the rules of negotiation of integration who's customer want. For example: We want register a new place in-app when determined thing happen in determined system that customer are currently using.

The developer also will need know how work the both system, as the utilization flow and each system integration documents.

So many systems use the same type of integration than Contele Team Field Manager, use and this could be good. But our advice is: Check the documents with the supplier from the other system that will be conected with Contele Team Field Manager.


Developer Precondition:

Knowledge about Integration with API REST.
Knowledge about API system integrated with Contele Team Field Manager.
Contele Team Field Manager knowledge.
Knowledge about the system to be integrate.
Flow of use of both systems.
Rules of the negociation.

Investment (U$) with the Contele Team Field Manager:

Roll-out single rate: U$. Prompt payment with 50% off or U$ by 3x (Incoming of U$ or U$)
No monthly payment.

Obs. We charge this rate to prepare the exclusive interaction front , as the release of key access and support given by company during the development process.

technical information.

Integration allow the sentiment of informations through of a API REST and the receive of informations through of webhooks.

The informations given to integration is the places and visits.

Through of a API REST, we can create, edit or delet visits and places. Through webhooks, we receive new places and new visits, such as editing and deleting them.

All the support will be given through the e-mail

Firsts steps with API + full technical documentation:

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