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In this article, I will show you how you can use the Visit Report in Contele Team Field Manager.

Generating the report

Access the system's side menu, go to Reports > Visits.

Within the Report, you have several ways to search for the information you need for consultation or export.

You can:

Use the "Search" field to find any information;
Use a date filter, with predetermined or customized periods;
Filter visits by Category;
Filter or search by Forms;
Filter by user;
Search by Tag types;
Filter visits by status (complete, incomplete, pending, etc.).

Remembering that you can remove or add relevant information, in the visit report, by selecting the items next to the export report icon.

Service order number;
Date of visit;
Place / customer name;
Hang tags;
Check-in time;
Check-out time;
Visit duration;

You can view the complete Service Order by clicking on the "View Service Order" icon (Eye), or you can export in Excel, summary PDF and Detailed PDF formats.

Tip: See a Guided Tour on how to use the Visit Report.

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