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Administrator: Is the higher level of team management and system.He will have full access to all information of report’s system, beyond to see all team in-map. 

Only this user cand edit the refunds, reports, monitoring, order of service and allows settings, beyond to change passwords and disable any user.

Supervisor: Its the second level about team manager in the system. He can’t do so much things like the administrator and control only over your employee inside of the system.

The supervisor can:

Editing visit data such as check-in and check-out time, visit comments, and comments

Obs. The administrator can prevent the supervisor to edit the visits. Just check the feature "Supervisor can edit details about the visits made by your employees" while is registering a supervisor.

The supervisor can’t do:

Disable or add users

Default: this person is common user from the app, not usualy access the web front. 

He have access to site through your email and password, but can’t to change information and just can create places and post your visits.he won’t see the team map.

Obs: Administrators and supervisors can access and use the Contele app normally.

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