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Some customer ask why doesn't the feature to block the usage app after business hour.

For example, a company doesn't want the employee do check-out in the visits after 6’O clock pm, that’s would be easy blocking the usage of the app, right?

We don’t think that is safe.

Having a feature to block the app usage after a determined time could be a bad thing against the company.

The employee may say that he worked after the right time but did not register because the application did not allow.

And, how the company can say that not register the activity of field employees if everything was registered while day?

In addition, if the block app enables, the company won’t know if the employee is working without authorization and not will be able to impose the appropriate administrative measures on the employee.

"So, how to avoid my employee uses the app after business hours?"

We understand that the best way, in this case, is the work procedure. Some rules about the company and one of them is banning the work after time of business without authorization.

After this procedure, simply get the signature of all employees who allow the rule and in cases of non-compliance the employee will be warned.
This procedure needs to be visible to all employees.

Also, we can put this procedure in-app of Contele Team Field Manager of your company! If you have some doubt about that, just ask us in the chat.

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