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What is Contele Desk?
Contele Desk is a centralized system for managing service call requests to your company's customers. It allows the control and monitoring of the actions carried out by its external teams, in order to model and manage processes in the execution of services, making the operation agile and the management objectives clearer and more monitorable.

How important is Contele Desk in your company?
With the growing demand for external services and the need to better serve their customer base, it is essential that organizations invest in an automated and centralized call management system to remain competitive in the market.

How does Contele Desk work?
Contele Desk serves to unify your company's services in a single system, recording the entry and exit of support and maintenance requests. This way, you can have greater control over the actions taken and what was done to serve your customers.

What is a call?
A call is a customer service request. When opening a call, a service number is generated, recording all details, history, request and solution date for this task.

What features?
With Contele Desk it is possible to record new calls, classify priorities, define the technicians who will be called, monitor the progress of services performed by external teams, evaluate and measure the productivity of calls, in addition to maintaining a complete inventory of activities carried out in your company .

What are the advantages of adopting Contele Desk?
Contele Desk provides its external Users with communication tools and resources that allow them to reduce the response time to a service call.
The system allows you to increase productivity in the work carried out by your external teams, by concentrating all the information of your teams and customers in a single work environment.

How can I assess the productivity of external teams?
The system provides hierarchical information such as:
Service time;
Control of orders served on and off deadline;
Classification of requests (High, Medium and Low).

There are also specific reports to make it easy to get information about the tasks, ownership, and overall workload of the support system.

In which sectors does Contele Desk apply?
Contele Desk can be used in any business segment that provides support and/or services to third parties.
The system is used in several areas, such as external service, maintenance, sales, technical assistance, technical support, incident management, IT, among others.

What is a Service SLA?
SLA is an English language acronym, which stands for Service Level Agreement (or Service Level Agreement, in free translation). It is a set of guidelines, procedures and metrics that your team must follow to ensure the level of customer service satisfaction.
The SLA establishes a defined standard, based on the average time between the registration of the call by the customer and its resolution.

Is it possible to edit the SLA parameters in Contele Desk?
Yes. The SLA can be editable according to the parameters defined by your company, in the high, medium and low priority levels.

Who can make the call?
There are two ways to register the ticket in Contele Desk: through an operator of your company responsible for recording the ticket; or by automating this process for your customer to call technical support through a webpage or via email.

How to automate call triggering?
Through a specific and customized landing page so that you can indicate your customers and, thus, register a ticket. This page can be incorporated into your website, for example.

How do I access the Contele Desk administrator functions?
In Contele Field Team Manager, open the side menu and click Contele Desk.

Can I use Contele Desk without Contele Field Team Manager?
No. Contele Desk is an exclusive feature for users of Contele Field Team Manager.

Learn more about Contele Desk here.

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