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How to create, edit and copy a Form

Access Settings in the side menu of the system, and go to Forms.

On this screen, all Forms will be shown, separated by "New" and "Templates".

To create a New one, enter the title of the form, which will be shown to the manager and user.

You can also associate Categories and Users.

To edit a "Template", list the forms and click "Edit".

The Form can have several Questions, with the following types:

Check: Question in the Checklist model, which allows a series of checks.
Numeric: Question that only accepts numerical answers.
Evaluation: Evaluation question, which can be used to evaluate customer service.
Closed: Closed question, which accepts only one type of answer.
Text: Question that accepts texts, such as comments and observations.

Both the entire Section and the Response can be configured as Mandatory.

After creating a Form, you have the option to make a copy of it. Just go to "Templates", click on the "Options" template and "Copy".

Association of Forms

You do not need to Associate Categories and Users. This allows you to determine the Form you want on each Visit.

If you use the Association to All Users, the Form will be linked to all Visits of registered Users.

You can use Forms by types of teams, such as salespeople and technicians. Just create the form and associate it with the users of a specific team.

How to disable or delete a Form

Still in Settings in the System side menu, and go to Forms.

Access the "Template" column, click the "Disable" option, this makes the form unavailable for use in the system.

In the same place where you disabled, it is now possible to "Delete" the Form permanently.

Warning: It is only possible to Delete a Form after it is Disabled. This is a security measure, as the exclusion from the Form is permanent.

How to send a Form along with your employee's Visit:

On the Planning screen, when creating a new Visit, you can associate Forms.

Form in the Contele Team Field Manager App:

The Form that was created and linked in the system, will be shown in the application to the User.

In a few clicks, the User can complete the Form, pause and continue where he left off.

In addition, if the User has a Form Associated with it and creates a Visit, the Form will already be linked to that Visit.

In carrying out the Visit, the Forms will be shown as Pending and Answered.

After filling out the 1st form by the User, a History of Forms answered on the client will be shown.

Notice 1: It is only possible to finish filling out the Form after Check-in. If it is completed before Check-in, all information will be saved, awaiting completion.

Notice 2: In Visits with Forms of mandatory questions, it is only possible to perform the Check-out after the mandatory answers.

Form and Export Report

With the Forms Report, you can view all completed Forms in one place.

On the screen, each line is the answer to a completed Form. We identify by the name of the Place, Date and Time that was filled out.

On the same Form Report screen, you can export all filtered data to an Excel spreadsheet.

To do this, click on the green button at the top right of the screen.

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