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New APP Contele Field Team Manager:

Contele Field Team Manager new APP has been available since May 2020, but the main reason for the migration is because it is superior in safety, ease, reliability, speed, training, etc.

With the new APP, we've increased the speed of fixing bugs and releasing improvements and new functions like never before. The new app already has new features that may be missing.

New APP Contele Field Team Manager

Pass the team training and ask for the digital certificate to prove your knowledge. The User Training is essential and mandatory for the training of those who use the APP Contele Field Team Manager.

How to migrate to a new app

To migrate to the new Contele Field Team Manager APP safely and with all your data synchronized, follow the step-by-step video:

Synchronize the data from the old APP: In the old APP, click “Synchronize”, located in the upper right corner of the main screen, and wait for the message “Synchronized Data”;
Uninstall the old app: On your smartphone, uninstall the old app normally;
Download the Contele Field Team Manager app: Now, just download the Contele Field Team Manager app from Google Play or from Apple Store;
Login and accept permissions: Enter your previous APP login and confirm the requested permissions.

Ready! Contele Field Team Manager is synchronized and ready to use.

Attention: Never remain with the two applications logged in the same, not to generate synchronization conflict and data loss.

How to see which users are on the old version

To know which version the user is in, just access Settings, Users and enable the column Version.

New version = 1.2.5 or higher than this one
Old Version = Any other version than the previous ones
Always check the app store if Contele Field Team Manager is up to date on your smartphone.
If you are a Supervisor or Manager, you can download Contele Manager, which will help you monitor your team's productivity: Play Store and Apple Store.

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