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In Contele Field Team Manager it is possible to block a Check-In, if the User is far from the Location of the Visit.

If you use this function, the User will need to return to the Site to complete the Visit, or users with Manager hierarchy will need to manually validate the Check-out to release the User.

So that there are no problems for the external user, follow these steps:

Check the geographical location of the Places, which is actually the ''Needle'', it is fixed on the map and not just on the registered address.
Even if the Contele Field Team Manager comes pre-set with an area of ​​500 meters, it is highly recommended NOT to change the value to less.
When making this decision, inform the team that this module is in place so they understand what might happen and ask the manager to adjust the position.
Check if the location has geo-positioning status in the location list. If so, please refer to the Visit Report where the Check-in attempt was made.
If the employee's location is correct and the location is not, you can switch from the map at Visit report > Attempt to check in by dragging the ''needle'' to the correct location.

Tip: The manager or supervisor can perform the adjustment through the system or through the APP Contele Field Team Manager (available for iOS and Android).
The system blocks new check-ins considering the Visits of the last 7 days. It is done this way, because it can happen that the User forgets to check-out on Friday and tries to start Monday by checking in on a new visit.

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