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Best Route = Most Efficient Route.

The function "Best Route" chooses the order of locations for the most efficient route.

Route time is the main factor to be optimized, but other factors such as distance, number of detours, complicated paths, etc. can also be taken into account by Google Maps to determine the most efficient route.

The calculation of the best route savings uses the value in $ that the manager placed in settings> company> Reimbursement, multiplied by the number of kilometers saved from the route prior to the Best Route.

A recent example, of a company that chose to use the same resource that has always been used by the Contele Field Team Manager, was the company UBER, where the app shows the value of the ride and estimated arrival of the passenger, even before calling the Uber.

This feature adds great value for those using Uber, as it forces the driver to make the most efficient route so as not to waste "time and money" and, most importantly, the customer only gains from this.

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