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In Contele Field Team' APP, the User can upload a profile photo through Gravatar, a free photo manager.

How to use Gravatar to send your photo

On the website Gravatar, click on "Create Your Own Gravatar" or, if in English, "Create Your Own Gravatar";

In the form that opens, fill in the data using the Same Email used in Contele Equipes, also enter your username and password;

After that, Gravatar will send a confirmation email to your email. Open it and click "Activate Account";

Average email delivery time is 15 minutes.

Once that's done, open Gravatar's home page and click "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter your new login;

On the Gravatar management page, click on "Add a new image";

Click "Add a new image"

You will be presented with 4 options for uploading images, select "Upload New";

Click on the file upload box, choose your photo and go to "Next";

If necessary, crop your photo as desired and click "Crop and Finish";

The next page will be to define the age rating of the photo, check the option “G” (Free for All);

After that, in a few minutes your photo will be in the APP Contele Field Team, clicking on:

3 dots in the upper right corner > View my profile.

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Date of last article update: August 23, 2021
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