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After understanding how to create shortcuts in the APP Contele Field Team Manager menu, we'll teach you how to add specifically WhatsApp along with a text message.

This type of shortcut can be useful for your team to send a message to the manager or person responsible for the external team.

How to create a WhatsApp link

Copy the following code:

https: // / YourNumber

In "YourNumber", replace with your phone number, including country code and area code.

In the following example, we use the code 55, from Brazil, and the DDD 11, from the city of São Paulo:

After that, add this link to Contele Field Team Manager.

To verify that the link works, test it by opening it in a computer or mobile browser.

WhatsApp shortcut

Create a message link

When creating a link with a message, whenever your Users click on the Contele Field Team Manager shortcut, WhatsApp will appear with the pre-programmed message.

Copy the following code:

In addition to replacing the phone number, also replace the term "your message" with whatever text you want. As the links do not allow spaces to be inserted, replace them with the code "%20" (without quotes), as shown in the following example:

Tip: If you want to do everything faster, there are sites like Convertte, which automatically generate links with a personalized message .

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