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Contele Field Team Manager is a simple and intuitive system, and this is our DNA.

This way, the system provides the best possible experience to the User, so that you never have any doubts.

And if you still have questions, we have prepared a Guide on how you can always answer your questions and learn even more about the system:

1 Train, train and train...

The system is a tool and training can leverage the best way to use this tool.

But the Manager and User routine is also performed, isn't it?

Therefore, we did a Quick Training for Managers(Web) and Users (APP).

In practical and educational classes, you can learn about all the system's functions, watching everything even on your cell phone.

And if you need to search for a specific lesson, just use Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) to open a search tab on the page.

2 Check out the quick tips

Inside the system, there are various tooltips scattered around the functions, just hover over the icon so you can read a quick explanation about it.

Also, if you click on "Learn more", you will always be directed to an article that explains everything about the function.

3 Always consult the Help Center

The Help Center, which is the environment where you are reading this, is a complete library that explains everything that is inside the system.

Years of experience collecting all customer doubts and turning them into articles, where everyone can get to know and clear up their doubts.

Just start typing your question into the search field and our system will provide articles that can answer that question.

Also, on the home page of the Help Center, you have easy access to articles separated by system functions.

4 Clear cache if something doesn't load

Sometimes something may seem wrong with the system or application, but rest assured! The solution can be simple.

If something or information doesn't load, simply clearing the cache can solve the problem.

Give CTRL + Shift + R (Windows) or Command + Shift + R (Mac) to clear the computer's cache.

In the app, you can also solve problems by clearing the cache, but you need to pay attention to whether everything is in sync. Learn more.

5 Also follow these golden tips:

Use anonymous tab if cache clearing is not working;
Always use the approved Google Chrome browser, and make sure it is up to date (for your own safety);
Disable ad, pop-up or cookie blocks such as AdBlock;
Check if the time zone of your computer is the same as configured in the system; Learn more.
Check the article Are you not receiving emails from Contele Field Team Manager?;

Still in doubt?

We are constantly improving our Help and Training content with input from our customers.

If you missed something here, vote below and leave a comment, or send an email to

We will always be available.
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