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To make our app even better, we provide updates on the Play Store regularly. Every update of our app includes speed and reliability improvements, so it's very important to always use the latest version!

To enable automatic update, Contele Field Team Manager, follow the steps below, according to your device:

Google Play (Android):

Search for the Contele Field Team Manager app on Google Play;
Open the app and click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen, next to the search icon;
Enable the option "Enable automatic update"

Can't climb like this? All right, try this way:

In your mobile app's menu, click on the GooglePlay store icon;
Open the sidebar and click on the stripes icon next to the “Google” search field;
In the sidebar, click on “Settings”;
In the “Settings” menu, click “General: Automatically update applications” to configure the option;
Within the automatic update setting, select the option “Automatically update applications only via Wi-Fi network”, so as not to waste the mobile data network, in case new updates appear;
Ready! Now, just wait for the update to finish.

App Store (iOS):

On iPhone, go to Settings > scroll until you find Contele Field Team.
Then click on the app and activate the option "Upgrade in Background".

Manual update

You can also manually update the app via the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android).

In this case, it is advisable:

Sync the app data before starting the update. See how here!
Do not uninstall the previous version, this way you will keep the app setting on your device.

To update manually, there are two ways:

Search for Contele Field Team Manager in the search field. Check that the "Refresh" button is active and if so, press this button.
In the GooglePlay store app menu, go to "Installed", search for Contele Teams and click the "Update" button".

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