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The Service Order (SO) is a digital document that is available to you and the customer, with all the details of what was carried out during the Visit.

It can be personalized with the company's logo, making the presentation of the service more professional to the customer.

Service Order Settings

In the side menu, go to Settings > Service Order (OS).

In this block, you can customize your Service Order as you wish, including the Company Logo, the OS launch number, and the company welcome text.

When activating the function "Automatic sending of OS to the customer", the service orders will be automatically sent to the e-mails registered in the Visiting Place.

To replace a logo, just click "Choose Your Logo" again and select the new image.

Important: The OS will only be sent automatically after signing the Visit. If there is no signature, the OS must be sent manually by the User in the APP or by the Manager in the system.

Show or Hide the Visit Description Field in the Operating System

The Description field of the Visit can be hidden from the OS, if the manager wants this information only for internal communication.

For this you need to add a Custom OS.

How to Create a Custom Operating System

In the side menu of Contele Field Team Manager, click Settings > Service Order (OS).

Click on the “Add Custom OS” button.

A dialog will open for editing the custom operating system.

In it, you need:

Enter a custom OS name;
Include company logo (size 150 X 150 pixels);
Enable the option “Display description field on OS”;
E Enable the option “Make this version my default Service Order”. (if you want all operating systems to have this option).

Show or Hide Moved Products in Operating System

Products transferred during the visit by the Contele Field Team APP can be viewed in the Service Order (SO). Click here to configure OS product display

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