If you have a need that requires contacting another person, please be aware that you can contact us via chat.

Contact via chat is recommended if:

You can't find what you were looking for here.
You need to reduce or add tracker modules.

We recommend that the training be done to clarify all possible doubts. Do the Managers Training here. Do the User Training here.

Learn here how to answer your questions in Contele Field Team Manager.

How to ask questions in the chat

In the system or help center, click on the chat button located in the lower right corner.

Send a message and, if you are in the Help Center, identify your email address and let us know if you are a customer or not or if you have made a quote.

Important: Always inform the e-mail used to enter the system, being necessary to forward it to your consultant.

After that, the chat will give you 4 options. If you have questions about system usage, click System Usage Questions.

From there, the chat will ask questions to detail your question, and if no article responds, a consultant will contact you there.

To find out how to reduce or hire new licenses for the system, click here to know.

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