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To find out how many licenses are available, access the menu Settings> Users.

At the top right of the screen, information will follow. Ex: 10 contracted licenses.

Hiring more licenses

To purchase more licenses, click the Buy More Licenses button. In the billing screen that will open, click on Bring more licenses.

The system calculates the prorated amount of this license and issues a charge automatically.

You can pay by boleto or credit card.

For credit card payment methods, licenses are released upon request. It is only necessary to pay for the contracting of licenses.

When the form of payment for new licenses is via bank slip, the bank has a period of 24 hours to generate the bank slip, which will be sent to the registered email.

How to reduce the number of licenses
In the side menu, go to Settings > Users.

After that, click on the user you want to disable, go to Edit User and click Disable.

Then you must go to the system chat and request the license reduction.

To make the request, follow the process:

I am a customer> Cancellation or reduction.


To check the current amount paid, on the Billing Data screen, check under Invoice Amount the current amount paid.

Invoice amount

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