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The function "Export Users" provides detailed data of Users registered in your company with .xlsx files (Excel file)

How Can this Help Me?

It is normal for us to feel the need to manage registered Users. It is important to know which and how many users have been disabled, compare data and even group them, for example. Based on these needs, User Download emerged.

Examples of use:

List of users with disabilities
Filter users by address
Specific monitoring settings
Filter users by type

How to Export Users?

To get started, go to Settings > Users.

After accessing the Users screen, click on the "Export" button, which is found in the Users bar, in the upper right corner of the screen. enter your email and click Export.

Then go to your typed email inbox and download the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Columns:

User ID: User ID, can be used for integration with Zapier
Tracker settings: User tracking setting
Coefficient: Value per user / company KM refundable. Learn more.
Position: User position in the company.
Phone: User phone.
Status: Shows if the user is active or disabled.
Type: User permission types. Learn more.
Emails received: Indicates if the user receives complaints via email.
Subordinates: Subordinate user IDs.
Created on: User creation date.
Updated on: Date of last update of the registry.
Refund Setup: User refund setup type. Learn more.
Default starting point: Departure address. Learn more.
Standard departure end point: Arrival point.
Permission to Add Locations: Indicates if the user has permission to register new locations in the system. Learn more.

Warning: Supervisors can only export spreadsheets of their respective subordinates.

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