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Offline operation

Even if the smartphone is without internet, it is possible to use the APP and Attach photos, check-in and check-out, among other things.

However, for the information to be processed in the system, it is necessary to perform Manual Synchronization with access to the Wi-Fi / 4G network.

If you used the Contele Field Team app without internet, it is necessary that you do not leave the APP during this time, otherwise the Information will be lost.

Importance of syncing APP data

All actions performed while your smartphone is without Internet access are stored only on your mobile phone. For this information to be sent to the system, it is necessary to synchronize the data.

If data synchronization is not done, all information stored only on your mobile phone will be lost. Thus, your productivity (visited customers, refunds, created schedules, among other information) for that period will not be computed in the reports, impacting your professional performance.

How to manually sync the APP

In the Contele Field Team menu, click on the 3 points located in the right corner and press sync.

Your data will be loaded from the old app to the new one.

Since the queue is at 0 (zero), it means there are no more items to sync.

Data synchronized

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