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In addition to adding comments and photos to the Visits, the User can record and add a video to a Visit, in case their service needs to record something in this format.

How to Record the Video

To record a video, you must have the Youtube app (available at Play Store and App Store) installed on the mobile.

In the upper right corner of the Youtube home screen, click save (next to the search icon).

After that, the option to Record or Stream Live will appear. Select the Record option.

You will be directed to your phone's camera and can start recording the video when you think it's necessary.

Add the details that are important to you and upload the video to Youtube.

In add details, leave your video as Unlisted so that only people with the link see the video.

How to add a Video to Visit?

Still, on Youtube, click on the 3 points of the video and then on Share to be able to copy your link.

Go back to Contele Equipes' APP and open a comment in the Visit, pasting the link that was copied on YouTube.

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Date of last article update: August 16, 2021
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